Sunday, April 08, 2007

a little late... but...

Here are some videos and pictures from St. Patrick's Day (March 17th for those of you that don't know). I missed the parade but met up with my friends shortly after, where the post- parade festivities were going on (near HyeHwa station in Seoul).
Barry got run over by a little cartoon car!!!

Kieran dancing with the cartoon car (at this point, with Dairin inside).

Barry doing a 3D glasses obstacle course. The point is to follow the line without knocking over any bottles. Barry aced it. Others had a hard time.
We stuck around there for a while and then once we started to get hungry, we headed to the Wolfhound (an Irish bar) in Itaewon.

It was absolutely packed. We ended up standing at the top of the stairs as that was the only place left with any breathing room.Dairin and I.Some of the guys. The uniforms they have on are for their team - they are on the Lokomotiv Goyang football team. They were in the parade earlier in the day.
Later on, there was a rugby game on TV, so we went to Hollywoods to watch, as (I think) the only TV at the Wolfhound is small and downstairs. Hollywoods has a big screen set up for games and a couple of TVs.Dairin and some guy at Hollywoods... yes the beer is green.
More Videos.

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