Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Teacher "Laura"

One of my (grade 1 / 7 years old) students' journal entries (they were to write about teachers)
My teacher "Laura."
Laura teacher is very nice. She is pretty too. She is good at learning students! She is very patient teacher and she is excellent at explaining things to us. I like Laura teacher! Today, she was more prettier than everyday. She is always pretty. I like to study with Laura teacher. Today, she give us a Jelly Worm. She give two (2) of them. I love that. She is very nice. Because she share things with other people. I want to study with Laura teacher everyday! We do not go Sunday and Saterday. :(
New Year blessing many get.


Basil Epicurus said...

Hmmmm....let that be a lesson to all the kids out there: flattery will get you everywhere.

laura said...