Monday, January 28, 2008


snacks and such in Cambodia. yum yum!Morning Glory (used in cooking)crabssugar cane (peeled, cut up into small pieces and sold out by the scoop from street vendors)misc. fruits, vegetables and suchmisc. kabobssnakesfruitpomelo (SO good!!!) they are HUGE!!!!!! They grow up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 10 kg!!! The peel is very thick. The inside part itself was bigger than a standard large grapefruit! They cut off the peel like that before selling. You just finish peeling, then peel each section. The juicy pockets can be picked off the sections in bunches or one at a time.bamboo rice (not as good as the ones along the roads near Siem Reap)tasty treats?giant cricketsHUGE cockroachesfrogsbaby birds and cricketsgiant water beetles

Did I try any of these things? Well, the vegetables, fruit, and rice, yes. The other stuff? Sorry to disappoint, but no. I think if I was there with friends I probably would have, but I wasn't brave enough to try them alone.

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