Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Journal Writing - topic - Teachers

Here is what some of my other kids had to say (all grade 1 / 7 years old (now Korean age 9))
I have got a lot of different teachers. Three of my teachers are Miss Laura, Miss Kim, and Mr. Cookey. Miss Laura is my English teacher. She is a very patient and angry teacher and we don't have break time. ...

I have a lot of different teachers. Laura and Aron. Laura is kind and patient. Sometimes she looks stern, but not too often! When we have time at the end we go to the Gym, draw, read or do homework. Sometimes we are interested in her pictures of her pets. I like Aron teacher, too. He is funny often. When he comes to our classroom to talk to Laura, we will shout "The farmer!" And he will do a funny farmer dance before he goes out of the classroom. I'm glad I have two best teachers.

I have three best teachers. They are Laura, Cookey, and Abby.
Laura teacher is a very kind teacher. She knows about lots of countries; even Korea. I am lucky to have her as the present teacher. She is a girl. She remembers things well.
I think Laura is the best because if teachers do funny things, it's a little bit bad thing. Laura teacher remembers things and teaches seriously, so I think she's the best of teachers!

I want to tell about Laura teacher. My teacher is Laura. She is very kind. She tells us all of the subjects. She gives us a lot of play time. If we have time left, we see a movie or play at the gym. I love her very much.

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