Friday, July 27, 2007

fruit smoothies

Koreans love smoothies and shaved ice deserts such as pat-bing-su, which is shaved ice with a read bean sauce (ick). The shops are often very nicely done. A couple of weekends ago I went to Ilsan to visit and Revo and I went to one of the shops. I've been to similar ones before, and always enjoyed them. The seats are either rocking chairs (single or love seat) or porch swings (all love seat) around the windows facing out. I had a raspberry smoothie and Revo had a guava banana (or something like that) smoothie. All of these places offer toast and whipped cream as service (freebie).

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Anonymous said...

Neil Curran (London) wrote
at 12:35pm on July 29th, 2007
That red bean stuff always made me want to vomit. The worst were the red bean ice-lollies.....revolting. That place looks nice though