Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The other day when I was finishing up one of the 5 year old classes, all of a sudden, there was a giant bug flying around the room. It was a cicada. The kids were all freaking out and the Korean teacher wasn't sure what to do. I asked for a cup and piece of paper and easily caught it once it landed on the wall. I put it outside on the paper and removed the cup. It stayed for a while, so I was able to show it to my class, and take a few pics. They are such interesting insects!For reference as to the size, that is a standard piece of computer paper.


Cairogal said...

Laura, you've got some serious creepy crawlies! I don't even have the courage to squish them myself.

laura said...

Well, I only have the courage since there is no one else to do it for me... and when there has been, I've been too worried that they would miss. :S
Ugh. I hate bugs in my home.