Saturday, April 29, 2006

more about Egypt

Here is another great pic from Egypt (taken in November 2005)...
Ehab is washing lettuce.
That is a gamoosa (water buffalo) on the left... gotta love that expression.
If you don't remember (or never knew), Ehab is from a small village called Tabloha, sort of near Tanta (somewhere between Cairo and Alexandria). This is his uncle's little plot of land. Both tractors and more traditional methods are used in the fields.
An amusing little bit of info...
Ehab picked the lettuce from the little garden behind where the gamoosa are standing.
He then proceeded to rip off all of the green parts and throw them on the ground.
Then he washed the crunchy middle part for us to eat.
That is what they do in Egypt; they eat the middle part of the lettuce leaf (the part that a lot of people at home throw away), and throw away the nice green parts that we usually eat.

Here is Ehab with the two gamoosa, in front of the little animal shelter/barn (?). In Egypt, they use the gamoosa for meat and milk, as well as (I think) for farm work.

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