Saturday, April 01, 2006


I was out Thursday night with the group for a bit of a going away party. We all went to Geckos (a pub/bar) in Itaewon for dinner and drinks and then headed to the Loft for Ladies' night... free drinks for the ladies. I guess they have ladies' night every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but they there is a cover charge on the weekend, and it is so busy that you have to stand in line most of the time, just to get the free drinks. On Thursday, though, it is not as busy and so I didn't have to stand in line at all. Just hanging out and dancing.
Friday night, after work, we all went out in Ilsan. We started out at a hof called the King of Pirates, where the beer mugs are made of ice, with a plastic liner. When you finish your drink and your glass is melting, you throw it at a target. If you hit the center, you win a prize (usually a free beer). Great fun!!! Actually allowed to throw your mug!
From there we went to Don't Go, a foreigner dance club that has been around for a while. More dancing and drinking. We were there until around 5 in the morning when we moved on to Katherine's apartment for some bacon and eggs. She had bought a bunch of bacon at Costco in Seoul. Yay!!! Bacon and eggs.
I then saw Anthony and Tom off at the bus stop. They left this morning for South-East Asia. They are going to travel around a bit together and then split off in their own directions.
I got home around 9 am or so... sooooooo tired.
Just another normal weekend in Korea.

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