Tuesday, April 25, 2006

field trip

On the way in.
(that is only some of my kids... as far as you can see)

Today I had the morning off, because all of the kindy classes were going on a field trip to a zoo/park/garden. I think it is called Seoul Children's Grand Park. Well, I volunteered to go on the field trip. Who wouldn't??? :P Think... around 250 to 300 kids all dressed in the same little track suit and same little backpack... Throw in hundreds of other kids, all wearing their own matching outfits (every kindy school has their own colors/designs)... and you have A LOT of little kids!!! We had 4 full sized tour buses and two of the school buses (all with about 3 kids per seat). The classes split up a bit when we got there. Each class had two teachers to look after them and take them around. The youngest class also had two of the school bus drivers/swimming teachers/TaeKwonDo teachers to help. We walked around for a while, looking at the animals and the plants and taking some pictures. Then they sat down for a snack and started to head back to the buses, taking more pictures along the way. Lunch was ready for us back at the school.
I'll post a pic or two tomorrow... now I am tired and need sleep!!!

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