Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween has come and gone.  I wish that Halloween came more than once a year!  So much fun. I always have to have two costumes.  One for my kindergarten Halloween party and one for going out.  I asked all of my students during the week before the part what they thought I should be.  Last year I was Snow White.  Almost every student said they wanted to see scary Laura teacher.  They had seen pictures of my last year's Spider Queen costume and wanted to see what I looked like scary.  So I went towards more of a witch/demon/vampire.  
Only two students were too scared.  One of my 5 yr old (western age 4) class boys and one 5 yr old class girl, I'm sure only because it was her first day and she had no idea who I was.
For going out this year I was a steam punk vampire.  I got the idea from the corset.  I saw the corset months ago and just wanted it.  So bought it.  What can I do with a corset?  Halloween costumes are a great idea. :)
A lot of prep went into my costume this year. I hand made my skirt - a three tiered bustle skirt, because I couldn't find one that I liked or that would match. I also hand made or altered some of the accessories.
My friend Vincianne did my make-up, with Blind Mag as inspiration.  She also did my make-up last year.  What am I going to do without her next year???

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