Sunday, November 11, 2012


I had a bit of a problem a few weeks ago.  I had gone to Krav Maga class on a Thursday night.  We were doing kicks and kick defenses as well as rolls.  After the class I felt great and even ran up the hill to my home.  Did some laundry and cleaning and then went to bed.  At about 4 am, I woke up in extreme pain.  Both my feet hurt so much, on the tops of my feet. There was no swelling or bruising, they just hurt so much.  I couldn't even stand up.  I managed to get to my fridge to get some ice.  I tried to ice them to see if it would help but it made no difference.  Heat made no difference, either.  I took some painkillers and just laid there waiting, hoping the pain would ease.  When it was time to get ready for work, I still couldn't walk.  I could kind of stand on my heels so hobbled around on my heels to get ready.  My school was going to send someone to take me to the hospital, but then decided everyone was too busy.  So they called to get an ambulance to take me.  The ambulance driver piggy-backed me down the stairs (my home is on the 3rd floor) and to the ambulance.  The attendant in the back of the ambulance with me checked blood pressure and such.  Said, "Very good!"  Neither the driver nor the attendant spoke any English.  When we arrived at the Soonchunhyang Hospital, the back doors were opened and the staff literally stopped dead, with shocked looks on their face.  OMG!  A waegook!  Ha.  Inside, they had me fill in a form then took me to get x-rays.  The x-rays showed nothing wrong. The doctors had no idea what was causing the pain so they just put casts on both my feet to immobilize them. 
Since I couldn't walk a friend sent her husband to pick me up and take me to their place so she could take care of me.  I spent the weekend hanging out with the dog, and watching/playing with the baby from the comfort of their sofa.

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