Monday, September 01, 2008

a journey through the human body

August's school field trip was to the aT Center
to see some sort of
body exhibit.
VERY interesting, to say the least.

You enter the exhibit through a giant mouth.The kids got to brush the giant teeth.Then it was over the tongue and down a slide into the throat.We got to see the lungs and the liver.We got to go through the heart (quite dark, actually).In the stomach we got to see all the goodies
that the giant had for breakfast.The kids got to learn all about the urinary tract,
including a demo on how boys go to the bathroom...
(It is going on the seat and splashing all over his feet!!!)We got to go inside a rather large pregnant woman
and see some very scary looking babies.Then it was down a slide and through the intestines.

Hmmm... can you guess what comes next???
The exit was, well, a tad shocking,
though not surprising being that this is Korea.The kids had some time to climb around
on the mock giant piles and puddles.

Quite the field trip,

wouldn't you say???


Vile said...

how...emmm... interesting.
i don't think i will be able to get that last picture out of my mind for a while, this adorable kid hanging lovingly to the big brown pile of human faeces.

laura said...

Imagine ~50 kids climbing all over piles like that. I have pics of kids sitting on piles, climbing all over them, posing on top, etc. LOL. Only in Korea!!!!

Vile said...

o-0....god no!!, please no!!:D
seriously though i like the Koreans, they are creative, even when it comes to taking a dump.