Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fashion Show

Every now and then I'm reminded the type of area that Apgujeong is. Saturday I spend an hour or so wandering around. I went to Accessorize and bought a silver ring (the same as I had but can no longer find). Then I wandered across the road and up behind the big yellow Designer Club building where California WOW used to be. I had never actually wandered up there before. Very interesting. Found the Jimmy Choo store! :) And a coffee shop called Beans & Berries that has 12,000 won (~$12) sandwiches. The coffee was more normal priced. Its strange, actually. On the website and in their little brochure it shows the sandwiches as being a lot cheaper than they show up on the menu board. Hmmm. Why?
From there I started heading towards Apgujeong station, I went into UniQlo and looked around. And remembered why I had such a hard time finding winter clothes here. I tried on a coat and the sleeves that should have been full length were only 3/4 length on me. That won't work.
From there I could hear loud music. I went to check it out and found that it was a huge fashion show for the Gangnam Fashion Festival.I watched for about an hour before I had to head home to get ready to go out for dinner.
I felt a bit strange standing there amid all of the well dressed fashionable people. I was wearing denim cargo capris and a t-shirt, my hair was unwashed and up in a pony tail, and I wasn't wearing make-up. A total opposite of what everyone else looked like in the area.The fashion show was interesting. It was high fashion rather than wearable fashion, for the most part. Some I really liked.[the yellow one on the right, I like. the one on the left... ummm.... what the hell is that?][view of the back of that same strange one]
Some were down right strange!!! How could this in any way be seen as fashionable????Another thing I noticed is that some of the models had horrible legs. One had scabs all over her legs (not uncommon to see here, for some reason - scratching mosquito bites, maybe?), one has bruises, another had blood on the backs of her knees (the one in the yellow dress that I kinda like). It looked like she had just cut herself shaving.Anyway, it was fun watching the show.

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