Friday, July 11, 2008

Soooooo busy!!!!

I like keeping myself busy. I don't like sitting at home. When I do, I end up vegging out in front of my computer, either surfing the web, browsing through Facebook (which is getting a tad boring), or watching tv shows and movies that I have downloaded. Usually, though, I am out. I am having a hard time keeping up with my laundry. I'm running out of things to wear. My home is a disaster. I did clean it, but it is building up again. I need to spend some time cleaning and such. But when?
This week:
Monday after work I was on a poo hunt - that is, a search for poo related things such as stickers, stamps and what not. A friend of mine made a request for me to send him such things. I walked from Apgujeong to the COEX stopping in what ever little stationery store I saw. It took about an hour to walk. I then wandered around the COEX for quite a while shopping... for poo stuff, and possibly some clothes and shoes for me (which I probably don't really need). I was home quite late.
Tuesday after work I headed to Suwon to meet up with my rafting guy. It takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to get there. Walked around for a couple of hours, had dinner, and then I hopped on a bus back to Gangnam. I didn't get home til about 12:30 AM or so.
Wednesday I had a Dr. appointment re: my neck. That takes a while as he does adjustments (chiropractic), accupuncture, and then I head to another building for physiotherapy. After finishing up there, I was off to a bit of a meeting/interview(?) regarding a possibly teaching job. It was a bit odd. I didn't even meet the guy that wants the lessons, as he is always busy. I met a friend of a friend's boyfriend to discuss the possibility of teaching business English to his boss, who is the CEO of some Architect firm. The mr. CEO is married and lives in Gwangju (a city in south-west Korea) but comes up to Seoul a few times a week. As he is always busy, it can't be set times for teaching. Basically, when he has time, he'll call to see if I'm available to teach for an hour (or more or less, but I'll still be paid for a full hour if it is less). Possibly over coffee or dinner at times. The money, of course, would be quite good, though it might only be once a week. Right now it would be very handy. My girls that I normally teach on Wednesdays are in America for the summer, and I finished teaching the 40min/3times a week class at the other school. The loss of these two make a huge dent in my income!!!!!
The Thursday I was up near Hongik University to get my tourist VISA for Vietnam. VERY important. Once again, I wandered about a bit buying a few odds and ends that I don't really need. Gotta stop doing that.
Tonight I'm out for coffee and then later out for dinner.
Even my weekend is pretty much filled up with plans, as usual.
I'm thinking I'm actually going to have to write in a time for me to stay home and get things done. But who really wants to do that???

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