Friday, December 28, 2007

Princes et Princesses

A few months ago I bought a DVD that looked interesting: silhouette animation. I watched it today and loved it! As I don't understand French, having a DVD helps (subtitles work wonders). It is Princes et Princesses by Michel Ocelot.
It is a compilation of six short films. Here are a couple of them.
La Princess des Doamants?
For those of you that don't understand French, in the first part, they are discussing the details of a play/show that they will put on. They make the costumes and the show starts. The Princess has been cursed, and her diamond necklace scattered. She is a statue protected by a monster. When a prince touches a diamond, the Princess rises and gives instructions. The prince must find all 111 of the diamonds, assemble the necklace, give the last diamond to the monster and then place the necklace on the Princess to re-animate her. It all must be done before the hour glass is finished.

Le Garcon des Figues
Set in Ancient Egypt, a boy lives in a fig tree. A man brags about seeing the Queen (Hatshepsut). The boy dreams and when he awakes, finds a ripe fig on his tree - in the middle of winter. He takes it to the Queen and gets rewarded. The Queen's royal attendant gets angry that the Queen is giving rewards for such a small thing and tries to change things. First he tells the boy that the Queen thinks his breath smells of garlic, so he should wear a cloth over his face before going back. He goes back after finding another ripe fig, wearing the cloth. The queen enquires about the cloth, and the attendant tells her that the boy thinks that SHE reaks of garlic.

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