Wednesday, December 12, 2007

moving in

This might give you some idea of the battle I've been slowly winning the last few weeks. These were taken the day I moved in.The front entry with fridge and shoe cupboard to left. That is the doorbell/door phone hanging on the right.The kitchen. The sink and table are out of view to the left. The sliding doors are to a small room (pretty much just the width of the doors) for the washing machine and gas panel. The door to the main room is behind me.The main room with the door to the kitchen behind me. That is the bathroom door ahead. Note the UGLY tape that is covering a 4" gap in the window left by the air conditioner hose. That was rather quicky changed (the tape was coming off in spots and a cold breeze was coming in, not to mention the fact that it is such UGLY tape).The main room. My bed is there under the mess. Instead of a closet, I have a clothing rack (seen right). :( Note the UGLY tape that is covering a gap left by the TV and Internet cable. Once again, that was quickly fixed.
I've done a lot of washing and scrubbing (starting with the fridge, of course), and still have a bit more to do. Everything that I could move (including the fridge) has been completely re-arranged since I took the pictures and I am gradually getting things put away. I do have a fairly big problem, though, in that this place has about half of the kitchen storage space that my last place had, and 100% less misc large thing storage space (my last place had the large balcony area in which I kept my fan, bags of shoes, etc when not in use). What to do...
Oh. To clarify something... in Korea when you move into a new place, unless it is brand new, it has most likely NOT been cleaned in a while. I don't think this place had been cleaned for a few months. And the kitchen was coated in a sticky orangy grime that took A LOT of scrubbing. Basically everything that was already here was coated in a layer of dust. And the bathroom. Well... some of the bathroom was the FIRST thing to be cleaned as soon as I got here, and of the rest of it followed fairly soon. I can't stand a dirty bathroom!

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