Friday, August 18, 2006


Argh!!! I keep finding these stupid little ants everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! They are even on my computer desk. The other day I was sitting here typing away and noticed one going up my arm. ugh. I have no idea where they are coming in, as I can't find any place. I have watched the window and the door, but there are never any there. Just in misc. places all over. I don't see them in my kitchen, either, which would be where I would think they would be... as I don't always wash my dishes right away. In my kitchen it is little flies that I see. Also, there are always one or two ants around Tokki's cage. I can squish them... then a few minutes later, there are a couple more. I have no idea where they are coming from. They are sooooooooooooo annoying!!!
I have seen the odd one in my bedroom, too. Sometimes, if I kill a fly or what ever, and don't pick it up, when I go back later, there is a little writhing mass of ants on it, with many wandering around aimlessly. One day there was a huge mass of ants under my bed on some unknown thing. Ugh. I squished them all and vacuumed under my bed, and spent a while sitting watching to see if more ants would appear. I didn't sleep well that night.
I have little Raid bait thingys stuck everywhere, but they don't seem to be doing their job.

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