Thursday, October 20, 2005

Siwa Oasis etc.

Bokra/tomorrow, I will go to the Siwa Oasis to the west. It is near the Libyan border, 12m below sea level, stretching for aobut 80km. It is supposed to be the nicest of the oasis. It is famous for its dates and olives. According to my book, it has more than 300,000 palm trees and 70,000 olive trees, along with many fruit orchards. My bus ticket cost me about $5 Canadian. I am not sure how long the ride is, but I think it is about 8 hours or so, along the Mediterranean coast for a while and then down through the desert. I leave at 2 pm, so it will be getting dark by the time the bus starts heading down. I will have to snack before I leave my room, as I won't be able to eat or drink anything on the bus until fittaur (breakfast/first meal) after the sun sets.There are date palms almost everywhere I have been. They eat the dates fresh off the palms, or dried. I prefer them dried, but am still not a big fan of them.I am already starting to wish that I had more time here because there is still so much to see and do and I am still planning my trip to Tanzania. Poor me. :P

If you have time or want to know more about the things I am seeing and the places I am going, here are some sites that I have found.
The Citadel, Cairo:
The National Museum:
Khan al-Khalili (marketplace/bazaar):
Pyramids in Saqqara: (I went into Teti's pyramid) step pyramid:
Pyramid of Teti:
Pyramids of Giza:
Khafre's pyramid/middle pyramid (I went into this one):
The pyramids at Dahshur (I went into the Red Pyramid):
Sharm el-Sheik (I stayed in Naama Bay):
Siwa Oasis:

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