Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I love Siwa... I love the desert

I am still in Siwa. I planned on leaving here sooner, but I love it here so much. I had only planned on staying a couple of days but added another and then another. I can't get enough of it. The desert sand is soooo nice. It is so soft and smooth. I have spent two nights already, sleeping in the desert, with my driver, Nasser (18) and my guide/donkey taxi driver, FatHee (17) for company. I was calling FatHee my little brother. The first day, he took me all over Siwa with his donkey cart taxi. He speaks English very well.
The first 2 nights here, I stayed in a hotel. FatHee suggested the desert trip and Nasser was the driver for the first night. There was a Japanese girl, Maki with us the first day in the desert, but she had to come back into town. I had so much fun with the two guys, and trust them. I could pay less to have a different driver, but I like Nasser so I am paying the 50EP extra. It is his father's company and his father's 4X4 so he has no say in how much is to be charged. Nasser let me drive the 4X4 a couple of times. Driving in the desert sand is different from anything else. The tires have to be very low on air and even then it takes a lot to get going. Going up and down the dunes is a bit scary... it looks like it is straight down, and then Nasser stops halfway just because I think it is scary. What a funny guy.
I will catch a bus back to Alex tomorrow night. :( I wish that I could say longer.
It is very hot here during the day, with clear skies all the time. At night, because winter is coming, it is getting colder... very cold, actually. I had 3 blankets on me and was still cold. The first night in the desert, I slept in the tent, but then decided it is better (even though colder) to sleep outside. I figure it is nice to wake up and see the stars.
Because I am here and spending my days with Siwans, I am observing Ramadan with them. We have a big meal after sunset (around 6pm) and then a meal at 3:30 or 4am, before the sun rises. Then it is no drinking or eating all day. So hungry. So thirsty.
Every day we stop at 1 or two springs (different every time) in the desert (mostly cold, salty) Anyway...

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