Monday, June 30, 2014


A Jebena is the traditional Ethiopian clay coffee pot.  It is also the name of an Ethiopian coffee shop in Hyehwa, Seoul.

The entrance on the 5th floor.
Displays along the entryway.

The interior is all Ethiopian.  It is a bit of a museum.  

Traditional Ethiopian stringed instrument.
Solid wood chest.  They keep some of the tools for the coffee in there. 

You can order the usual coffee drinks or experience a traditional coffee ceremony with the full three rounds.  
Very cool wooden table.
Very cool wooden stool.
Chairs?  They use them for people to put their bags on at the tables, if needed.
Looking towards the entrance.
The interior.

Another view.
Roasting the coffee beans.
Close up.
They're ready.

They ground the beans at the counter.
It's brewing.
Add sugar and stir.
A perfect little cup of coffee. 
Frankincense incense.

It is definitely worth seeing if you haven't before. 
Mmmm.  Coffee.
Chatting with the owner.

Will definitely go again.
To get there go out exit 1, Hyehwa station.  About 50 m or so it'll be on your right.  It is on the 5th floor of the City Valley Building, above Bennigan's.

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