Friday, April 03, 2009


Wow. I really am behind on my posts. I'm trying to catch up but can't seem to get more than one day up at a time, which means I'm not catching up at all. Well, some of the days I can lump together, I think. I'm also studying at the moment. Yesterday and today I've been reading the diving manual. I'm taking a PADI diving course here in Dahab, Egypt. I'm taking the course with Octopus World, which is a small but very friendly and professional place. It's great so far. Yesterday the weather was fantastic. Hot, calm, cloudless sky. Too bad I was in a classroom most of the day watching the video. Today the weather wasn't as nice. It was still warm but quite windy. At least it didn't really affect us much, as we only had a couple of quizzes and then started the dives today and were in (under) the water the whole time. Tomorrow, other than another very short quiz, it'll all be underwater. A dive in the morning and a dive in the afternoon. My dive instructor, Khaled is so funny (but very serious when he needs to be). He is Egyptian and the same age as me. He lived in Europe for several years so speaks English fluently (as well as some French, from what I have seen). He is a bit of a hippy with his attitude and his dreads. Funny.
The place also has Korean dive instructors!! I didn't know that until I got there and was surrounded by a group of Koreans finishing a dive. LOL. Can't get away from Koreans!! They really are everywhere!! ;)

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