Wednesday, October 08, 2008

yum. Moroccan!

A friend of friends just opened a Moroccan restaurant called Andalous in Itaewon a week ago. Jeff (a Moroccan) used to (or sometimes still does?) play on the Lokomotiv Goyang team, which I have been friends with (many of the players) for a few years. So last Friday I went with a group of them to check the place out. For those familiar with Itaewon, it is up the hill opposite the McDonalds (near Noksapyeong Station) where the New Delhi restaurant used to be. The food was excellent. The menu is small but very good and there is a buffet, as well. Most of us had the buffet dinner for 20,000won (sorry I was so hungry I didn't get a pic). A few others ordered separate dishes:chicken kebabslamb kebabs
etc. Everyone was very happy with their meal. I had never had couscous before. It's great! And the vegetables were soooooooo good. Large chunks of zucchini, carrot, and others. The baba ganoush and hummous were also wonderful.

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