Thursday, April 17, 2008

St Patrick's Day

Yeah, I know it's a little late, but... better late than never?
March 15th there was a huge St. Patrick's Day celebration in Seoul.It started with a parade and party downtown along the Chongaecheon (the stream that was recently uncovered - it was covered by an expressway). I wasn't sure what my plan was when I went as I had a few groups of friends going. I ended up joining the parade and marching with the Goyang Lokomotives football (soccer) team (a couple of the players, including the team's founder are Irish). Great fun!!!We were behind the US army marching band and followed by the bikers.The bikers were eventually moved back a bit so Guinness moved in behind us.A very popular group!!! ;)
Dairin had a few goodies sent from Ireland, such as a couple of giant blow-up squeeky hammers "HAMMERED BY THE IRISH". The only two in Korea! :) Dairin had people begging to be bopped on the head with the one she was carrying. The only time people actually WANT to be hit. Many also wanted to take a turn with the hammer, either to take pictures, or just for the heck of it.Even the Guinness wanted some of the action! There were also a couple of bearded hats and other such things. Yay.
I didn't get to see many of the other parts of the parade but I do know that many (most) of them had nothing to do with Ireland. The Seoul Bikers Association, the Harajuku Girls, etc.It's all for fun. Any excuse for a party!
After the parade, there was a big of a concert and party at the plaza. They had Irish music, as well as other kinds. And beer, of course. Everyone was getting into the spirit.Even the stream decided to turn green!!!
Even though one side of the beer garden was blocked off and they were prohibiting any outside drinks inside, the other side there was no barrier at all. Everyone was running off to the convenience stores for drinks. Before long, all of the ones nearby ran out of beer. We were drinking from large 'pitchers' of beer (2L bottles?). Finally one of the guys came back and had found cans. We gave what was left of the beer to an old couple that was hanging out looking for left overs in bottles.Later on, they were dancing up a storm.

[Video by Valeriya]
The old ajuma even dropped to the ground to show off some of her skills - doing push-ups, putting her foot behind her head, etc. Hilarious!!!!!
Later on when the sun went down and it started to get a bit cool, we all headed to a nearby pub for more drinks and some snacks.Then it was off to Club FF for some all-you-can-drink (for ~$25), dancing, and live band enjoyment.What a fantastic day!!!!!

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