Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

The kids have now graduated from kindergarten and will be starting grade 1 next week. The ceremony was on Wednesday. With 100 kids graduating, it was a fairly large event.The parents of the top two students in each class were asked to bring in flowers/plants. EXPENSIVE!!!! The plants are now in the front hall of the school. The giant flower displays were going to be thrown out so a few of us teachers raided them after the ceremony was finished. Roses, orchids, carnations, daisies, Justin, my little monkey.Max, such a sweetie.Brian and Tim having fun.Kaeley, a little angel.The stage.The crowd.
The ceremony started out with the Korean National Anthem, and the school song, and then there was a bit of a speech. Then all of the students had their turn going up to accept their Kindergarten Diploma. There were a few songs for the kids to sing, and a poem to recite. They had all been practicing them for the past few weeks - The World Is A Rainbow and I Will, ...Then all of the students got special awards from a selection of categories - Young Rockstar, Young Diplomat, Young Einstein, Young Shakespeare, Young Athlete, Young CEO, Young Prince/Princess, Young Picasso, Young Mathemetician, and Young Prodigy.Brenton and Kevin (the two boys in the middle) receiving their awards for Young Mathemetician. "We are young mathemeticians."
I'll miss my 20 kids. :(

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