Friday, December 23, 2005


Well, I am back home in Canada. Compared to the places I went and the things I was doing, it is a bit boring here. I guess that has never changed, though.
I was in Korea for Christmas the last two years. I actually get to be home for Christmas. :)
The tree is up and there are presents under the tree. I have always loved Christmas. It is a happy time of year.
In Korea, Christmas isn't really Christmas. It is just not the same.
I will be going back to Korea sometime in the new year. I love Korea, but it will be very different this time, due to a rather large change (in my personal life). Hopefully I will enjoy it regardless.
Things change in Korea fairly often. Because all of the foreign teachers there are on one year VISAs, there is a fairly big turnover even every month. Most of my friends from my last time in Korea have moved on to other countries, or have gone back home. Hopefully the new crowd will be just as fun.


EID said...

Welcome back to your home again
I hope every thing is ok with you and you will for next year have!!
Happy New Year
For you and your friend any where!!
Take care of you
I like your photo if you don’t have problem

EID said...

كل سنة وانتى طيبه
و عام سعيد 2006