Sunday, September 11, 2005

Egypt... getting into the groove

Our driver found my ticket. It fell under the front seat when he dropped me off, I guess. What a relief. The people in the course are all so great. There are 7 of us so far, 2 guys and 5 girls. One more person was to arrive today but we haven't met her yet. We all get along so far and feel like we have been together for a lot longer than just one day. We are all so different, but we all clicked instantly, which is a great thing since we will be seeing a lot of each other. Ian is from England and the rest are all American. I am the oldest. I hope that we don't scare Joanna, the new girl. Hopefully she will fit in like everyone else. After I got back to the apartments on Friday, I met Megan, one of my roommates. We went out Friday night for a sheesha (a flavored water pipe-we had strawberry) and some mango juice. The place was right on the Corniche, the main street that goes along the Mediterranean coast. When we got back, we moved to another room, cleaner and with working everything. Last night we all went down to a place on right beside the sea for a sheesha (orange flavored) and coffee/juice. We didn't realize that there were places to go under the corniche, so we were following the Egyptians that were running across the busy road,dodging traffic... a bit scary. The room that I am in now is relatively clean and everything works. Megan and Kristen are my roommates.Our room has become the hangout. This morning we all had breakfast/coffee in our kitchen. The course I am taking is how to teach English. Today was the first day of classes. It was quite amusing at times. They wanted us to experience the different types of learning, so we had a short lesson in Swahili and a short lesson in German. Then we were talking about different games to play and ways of having students interact... so we were making skits and such. We were all laughing so hard. The instructors are all pretty nice, too. I think we intimidate them because we are all so close already. Anyway... enough for now. I am tired as I didn't get enough sleep last night and we have to get up around 7:30 or so.

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